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If you are 20 to 30 years old and live in Munich, Milan, Gothenburg or Stockholm, in Barcelona or Porto
you may fill out the questionnaire and send it back to mail@yagiss.de.



   Documentary of Instruments (Dokumentation der Erhebungsinstrumente)
Guglhoer-Rudan, A. & Thoennissen, C.(2008). German Version. (DOWNLOAD)

1. Demography

Demographic Data from the Participant; the Participant´s Parents and the Participant´s Partner

2. Self Concept

2.1 Self Esteem Scale  

2.2 Explosivität und Ärgerneigung (Explosiveness and Anger tendency)
     (Arbeitsgruppe Schulevaluation 1998)

2.3 Depression: Depression Scale

2.4 Risk Taking Behaviour

3. Relation to the Parents

3.1 Frequency of Contact with parents: Answers Seperate for Mother and Father

3.2 Individuation in the Relationship towards Mother and Father: Münchner Individuationstest der Adoleszenz
     (Munich Individuation Test of Adolescence) (MITA) (Walper, Schwarz & Jurasic 1996).

3.3 Structures of the Family of Origin: Filial Responsibility Scale - Adult (FRS-A) (Jurkovic 1998)

3.4 Relation to Mother and Father: Network Relationship Inventory (NRI) (Fuhrman & Buhrmester 1985,      Wittmann, Helm, Buhl & Noack 2000) Seperate Answers for Mother and Father

3.5 Loyalitätskonflikt (Loyalty Conflict) (Wendt, Kroll, Beckh, Gerhard und Walper 2002

3.6 Percepted Conflicts: Children´s Perceptions of Interparental Conflict Scale (CPIC)              
     (Grych, Seid & Finchman 1992; Gödde 1996; Schwarz, Walper, Gödde & Jurasic 1997)

4. Partnership

4.1 Frequency of Contact with Partner

4.2 Relationship to Partner: NRI (Wittmann, Helm, Buhl & Noack 2000)

4.3 Individuation in the Partnership: MITA

4.4 Partnerexploration (Partner Exploration) (Wendt et al. 2004)

4.5 Wechselseitiger Einfluss von Herkunftsfamilie und Freunden auf die Partnerschaft
     (Influences of the family of origin and friends on romantic relationship)
     (Guglhör-Rudan & Walper 2005)

4.6 Location of First Meeting

5. Economic Situation

5.1 Current Financial Situation

5.2 Opinions about General Financial Situation (Thönnissen & Walper 2005)

5.3 Parents´ Financial Situation (vgl. Schwarz, Walper, Gödde & Jurasic 1997)

5.4 Source of Income (vgl. Wendt, Kroll, Beckh, Gerhard & Walper 2002)

5.5 Amount of Money per Month (vgl. Wendt, Kroll, Beckh, Gerhard & Walper 2002)

6. Occupation and Future - Expectations

6.1 Desire for Having Children

6.2 Importance of Job and Family (Kracke 2004)

6.3 Job Exploration (Kracke 2004)

6.4 Goals Concerning Job and Familiy (Kracke 2004)

6.5 Combining Job and Family (Kracke 2004)

7. Growing up

7.1 Significant Lifetime Events

7.2 Subjective Rating of becoming an Adult

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